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Freedom From Religious Brain Washing

Dec 12, 2023

44 years ago, when I first accepted Christ and was converted, often I had a hard time knowing what things were of God, and what was of Satan.

Even though unchurched, I had been religiously brained washed regarding God’s character, causing me not to be able to know the difference. This religious brain washing is a twisting tactic of the devil, that keeps folks in confusion.
After I begin to read his word and grow up into Christ, and learned who I am in him, the lights came on.  Godly discernment became much easier. I begin to see Him as His names were defined in the Holy scriptures. His names gave me a definition of his proper character. In His word His names are never defined as the oppressor or thief, but always the deliverer, healer, provider, and peace.
Now, it is very simple for me to identify the difference, if something steals, kills, or destroys, or brings oppression or depression, IT’S NOT GOD!! If something brings light, life, peace joy, and rightness, it is the abundant life of God.

When I learned this and stopped mysteriously complicating it, I learned the true heart of God, and there is absolutely no confusion.


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